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Luxury Properties

As Technobuild believes that the distinguished clients deserves special projects, the team assures the highest quality of constructing and finishing to build them the luxurious and modern properties in our unique way.

Housing Buildings

Housings built with high rise light steel technology are positively discriminated against other building systems in our country, which is face to face with the reality of earthquakes, with their durability, high technology and superior earthquake performance. This technology also allows for the opportunity to provide very special comfort conditions to the users and producing buildings with maximum energy performance by means of its flexible design criteria provided in the architecture. Efficiency and productivity is increased by eliminating unnecessary material usage. It is built 3 times faster than traditional building systems. On the other hand, high quality and low cost products are offered to the users.


These housings, built with 90% recycled steel, are environment-friendly and examples of sustainable architecture by their nature. The system stands out with its advantages in fire and insulation with A-1 class incombustible and eco-friendly fiber cement used in the coating of all steel carcasses. Therefore, designs created within the frame of green building/ecological building are realized in maximum productivity with this technology.


Prefabricated Camp Buildings

Construction sector being in the first place, needed mobilization constructions are placed under this category. The camp constructions taking place in the area of mobilization are dining hall, dormitory, office, WC-shower units, mosque, social facility, storage-hangar, public housing and suchlike. Besides standard plans, customer specific solutions are also presented in prefabricated camp constructions by our staff of engineer and architects.

The main reasons for the demand in this construction group are as follows:

  • Fast production
  • Fast and secure mounting
  • Use of good quality material proper to standards
  • High quality and precisely studied building details
  • The mountability of the building and its re-mountability with minimum loss
  • Technical service support

Ecology Buildings

It is a fact that in our day construction has a significant role in the emergence of environmental problems. The adverse consequences of environmental problems is felt more and more today and buildings are contributing to this situation in various stages.   The approaches that will reduce this issue guide architectural designs towards sustainable, eco-friendly ecological constructions. For this reason, priority is given to building designs which have less effect on environment in the countries with high environmental awareness.


Some environmental decisions should be taken during designing stage for these constructions deemed as eco-friendly. These decisions bring along many environmental and economical benefits.   The procedures which are named as ecological, environment friendly, green and sustainable building criteria’s cover subjects such as reducing the use of limited natural resources, use of renewable or unlimited resources as much as possible, use of low but efficient energy, reducing the production of emission and other pollutants and at the same time protecting human health indoors.


Light steel & concrete production technology is the most suitable production system to ecologically produce a building whose architectural design criteria’s are provided. Steel is an eco-friendly material by its nature.   It is possible to build durable, secure, sturdy and eco-friendly buildings with this material having a 90% recycling rate. It is possible to constitute clean environment and construction sites thanks to light steel technology. Natural water resources are preserved with minimum water use at the production and construction site. Both soil wastage and truck fuel expenditures used in this process are forestalled with minimum earthworks in the basic construction process. It is a construction system reducing CO2 emission.   Domestic materials are used in 90% of the construction.


Eco-friendly designs where ecological design procedures are applied bring minimal additional cost or none in the first application. On the contrary they provide many environmental and economical benefits during subsequent life cycle. Today production cost of such a dwelling is 10% more than traditional building at the most.   To achieve sufficient developments in this subject, from designers to users, all sectors related to constructional activities should have awareness and at the same time various stimulus and regulations are required

Smart Buildings

Introducing the interactive-reliable systems that link the building with the occupants and surrounding. Assuring the maximum performance with the minimum cost

Public and Administrative Buildings

Administration buildings which are usually built permanently by various institution and enterprises and office buildings taking place in construction site mobilization are in this category. Number of staff, building’s lifetime and list of requirements are the most important criteria for determining the needs in the project design process of light steel & concrete office buildings. Providing technical specifications suitable to weather conditions and all kinds of comfort within the office are very important for the performance of the staff in the office buildings.

Health Container

Health container structures can be used for infirmary, hospital outhouses, laboratory, field hospital functions. Hygiene is an indispensable necessity for these containers as they are serving under the title of health. All details applied on wet volumes and other places are structured accordingly.


The most important advantage of container implementations is that preliminary production is completely performed in the factory environment. This means the demanded product is ready for use at the moment it is consigned. Therefore it is especially used in environments where there are urgent needs and the geography is not convenient for construction.The containers can be set on the area it will be placed with the help of a crane and without any special application, because of the frame they have, that is their feature of being with a base. In the event the containers are interlocked, the joining surfaces are left open and interlocking details are resolved at the site.


Our related containers are produced as monoblock and demounted in our Panel and our Classic system. The material used on the exterior of the containers can be painted galvanized sheet or A-1 class incombustible fiber cement material. Electric and sanitary installations can be designed optionally as flush mounted or surface mounted.

Light Steel Educational Buildings

Parallel to the development and the increase of awareness regarding light steel & concrete technology, there is an apparent increase in the buildings constructed with this system. Light steel & concrete education buildings are one of the best examples of this.   These buildings are definitely permanent structures and detailed as such. Being possible to be assembled in all kinds of weather offers an important advantage in Middle East regions where especially summer and winter conditions are tough.


Aspects such as fast production, controllable quality, minimum margin of error as prefabrication is in the factory, earthquake-resistant building, environment friendly building, use of A-1 class incombustible fiber cement are the main factors for preferring this system in education structures.


As Technobuild A.S., we have successfully constructed many structures such as kindergarten, elementary school, university and nursery through both public and private institutions until today. Light steel & concrete education buildings, made with our construction systems we developed, are designed in consideration of all kinds of needs and comforts of students and teachers. High insulation values, use of A-1 class incombustible fiber cement siding material in exterior and interiors, all required electrical and sanitary installations to be performed as flush mounted can be given as examples.


In the event our Light Steel Panel System application is preferred, the assembly of the panels in the size of 1250×2500/3000 mm. comprising of steel carcass, the insulation application inside the carcass and the interior and exterior facing material of the carcass are carried out at the factory.Panel thickness differs between 80-30mm. It is possible to make story height of 3000 mm., 3500 mm if requested. These panels are consigned to the site in ready form. Connecting the panels and other following applications are performed on site. This is a time-saving method. A-1 class incombustible fiber cement or painted galvanized sheet application can be performed on the interiors and exteriors of the building. All installations are designed optionally as flush mounted or surface mounted.


In the event our Plated on site Light Steel System application is preferred, the carcasses prepared in compliance to static calculations of the project are consigned to the site in their bare form. First steel carcass assembly is completed at the site. Afterwards insulation application, interior and exterior facings are performed. All of the humidity barrier and suchlike applications are completed at the site. Elegant facade applications are performed with A-1 class incombustible fiber cement on the exteriors of the buildings. All installations are designed and applied as flush mounted.

Multi Storey Buildings

Creating faster assembled, better quality, more spaced-out, more durable and higher buildings are inevitable in the direction of demands and requirements coming from our customers in prefab sector. Our multi-story building project realizes a system installation where basically developing technologies will be used in the production system while aiming for compatibility to developing technologies and improving them.


Maximum 3-storey pre-produced light steel & concrete buildings are built with the existing technology and machine lines in our country. 4-storey buildings can only be built by using heavy steel profiles and welding. Light steel & concrete buildings can be designed and built up to 8 story, thanks to the new technology we use in our multi-story light steel & concrete building system.


Designing high-rise buildings becomes viable in our country, where we live with the reality of the earthquake, with the most resistant system to earthquake. This technology provides ideal conditions not only for housing, but for school buildings, student hostels, military buildings, health center buildings etc. as well.


Our new product groups provide emergency construction opportunity both for state emergency situations such as natural disasters, mobilizations, refuge resettlements and building mobile buildings at the border or beyond fire departments, as well as hospitals, police stations and military facilities after disasters. Light steel & concrete high rise building system is ideal in these situations due to land being small and infrastructure not taking a lot of space.


By means of production systems we will use for multi-story buildings;


  • Demands from national and international markets will be met.
  • Our competitive power will increase in the international market with our new multi-story product groups.
  • Higher quality and more low-cost products will be offered to the users.
  • Environment-friendly high rise buildings will be produced with sustainable building system
  • Our technology infrastructure will be developed.
  • Added value will be provided in all product groups with specially sectioned profile designs and development of          special software within the scope of light steel technology.
  • Import substitution will be generated.
  • Contribution will be provided to national economy, consequently to the increase of employment.
  • Green building, passive house and ecological building designs will be carried in maximum productivity.
  • Efficiency and productivity will be increased by eliminating unnecessary material usage.
  • Multi-storey building system provides maximum energy saving.
  • Maximum comfort conditions can be provided due to allowing of flexible design criteria.

Economical Buildings

Whether the property is residential or commercial, time is crucial either for investment or consumption.

Green Buildings

Social active, environment protective and energy effective building approach.From designing to operation and maintenance.