Production System



Systems will satisfy your needs in the modern and industrial area with long span and height system. Mostly using area; steel structure factory buildings, steel structure hangars, steel structure sports facilities, steel  structure warehouses and steel structure workshops.


Due to storage yard and high ceiling which is suitable for shelf system, can be used as a maintenance area for an airplane, or could be used as a factory. Steel Buildings is designed according to permanent structural specifications. The calculations are done according to the snow load, to the load it carries and depending if it is an earthquake area or not.


  Steel Buildings are divided into two; insulated and not insulated. EPS or Rockwool insulated Sandwich Panels used in walls and roofs of the buildings provide heat and sound insulation. in   Steel Buildings, all columns are manufactured from steel, and all connection parts done weldless using bolted connection, especially in earthquake areas all the statistic details will be calculated to give the structure the best earthquake resistant solutions. Steel absorbers vibrations due to lightness, flexibility and high resistance against earthquakes.


Steel Buildings,

which decreases the labor cost in a big way, the advantage of using bolted connection is that we can uninstall the steel structure and relocate or redesign without losing any of the material.   Steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite amount of times, saving energy and raw materials each time it is re-processed.    


Light Steel Structures Turn Into Art…

  Be ready to see multi – story light gauge steel structures around you… Light Gauge Steel Buildings could be available up to max 12 story until now. With our new technologies and designs changed the rules… Up to eight story Light Gauge Steel Buildings can be constructed now


What is Light Steel?

It’s a steel structure that is made out of galvanized steel profiles connected together with bolts, using only Light Steel we can build a structure up to eight – story.System created by steel sheets, sheet openings vary between 1 – 4 mm, steel sheet thickness, 60 mm – 400 mm profile wide U,C and Sigma profile.


Light Steel Project Planning

With our Technobuild Project department our structures are not only suitable for Saudi standards but also for BSI, EUROCODE, AISI standards.


Light Steel Wall System

Our galvanized profile carrier system covered with A1 Fireproof 10 mm or 8 mm Fiber cement boards.


Light Steel Roofing System

The carrier galvanized steel roof construction system is covered with (multi systems)


Light Steel Roof Covering Options


Painted galvanized trapezoidal sheet, Sandwich Roofing Panel, Onduline, Metal Tile and concrete foam polyheran


Light Steel Structures Insulation

Inside the wall construction we use Rockwool or wall type Glasswool insulation materials. Inside the roof construction we use Glasswool blanket, Rockwool insulation materials or Sandwich Roofing Panel or concrete form & polytherin  


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